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Olga Paz, MSc, Hpt, GPCC, BCC

I am a certified hypnotherapist, a Gestalt Professional certified coach (GPCC)   and also a Board Certified Coach (BCC). I have an MS in human services and am licensed as both a conflict resolution specialist and a facilitator of women’s empowerment groups. I have assisted individuals, groups and companies in Israel, Turkey, Germany, Denmark and the United States. Those credentials are important but in the final analysis they are but letters after a name, words on a page.

What I seek and believe I succeed in offering is a practical spiritual approach which fosters an awareness of life’s multi-dimensional reality and an enhanced awareness of your core self. My heart’s intent is to guide you so you creatively see the choices and possibilities available in the present moment. My mission is to help expand your awareness in order for you to be able to consciously make the choices that will take you to the achievement of your goals.

That expansion takes place through the effective use of tools. My tools are Gestalt life coaching, hypnotherapy and, if you choose, the guidance of The Tarot.  While it has been dismissed as “fortune telling,” The Tarot is a psychologically and spiritually sophisticated system of accessing intuition to clarify issues and inclinations. According to Carl Jung, The Tarot is an illumination working according to the Jungian principle of synchronicity.

Each of these tools is an option. Individually or together, the tools have a profound capacity to expand awareness and foster living consciously. 

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