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Gestalt  Life Coaching

Gestalt is German for form or shape. In psychology it points to the human tendency to see a pattern, accept it as true and act reflexively in a way that we believe is an appropriate response. Those responses help us function in a world of complex situations and emotions. They can also be a way of blocking vital information and allowing the expression of programmed, predictable responses that lead to repetitive dead ends.

The Gestalt process coaches slowing down and summoning attention to body language, voice tone, trigger words and images, sensations and repetitive behavior. With awareness of programmed patterns and behaviors, the Gestalt coach points to choices that open to a different result. However, Gestalt assumes that information about responses and alternative possibilities is not sufficient. It is predicated on the conviction that you need to experience your patterns with awareness before you can truly open to new possibilities. Gestalt is an effective methodology for those of us who are stuck in repetitive responses and outcomes.


"Take one step and your path will miraculously open before you" 

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