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Tarot- cards

and its Philosophy

The use of Tarot has been widely judged as occultic and delusional. Dispelling the myth and fear imposed on Tarot has been a passion for me. I teach the Tarot individually and in small groups. The cards are a mirror of the depths of your mind and heart in much the same way as a fine poem is a mirror of the mind and heart. The cards illustrate the 78 archetypes of depth psychology and cross-cultural human experience. Fifty-six of the cards speak to our life in the world; the other 22 are instruments to project our spiritual journey and the lessons of the subconscious and super conscious levels of existence.  I see Tarot as a mirror of your depths. I see it as another very useful tool for expanding your awareness, so you can live consciously and well.

Each of these three methodologies is about your effort to expand your self-awareness. I am simply the guide who will seek to show you how the tools work and walk with you on your journey of awareness.

I am ready to walk…._I am ready for the

 the fool in the tarot cards, ready to take the next leap of faith into all the possibilities and wisdom.

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